Our Story

Bulldog Battery, Inc. is owned and operated by me, Richard Price, and my partner, Frank Ineman.

Frank and I started Bulldog Battery over twenty years ago with the idea that if we sold high quality battery products at competitive pricing and treated our customers as we wish to be treated ourselves, that we would be a success.

In 1999 we had sales in excess of one million dollars and have nine full-time employees. Frank and I have a combined 45 years’ experience in the battery business. We are located at 37645 Vine St., Willoughby, Oh 44094.

We started out primarily in the automotive battery business but quickly saw the explosive growth of the battery specialty market. People could not find replacement batteries for newer cordless appliances and if they could, were being overcharged. Couple that with the fact that these people could not get questions answered on the use and care of these batteries by the stores sales clerks and we could see the need for a battery specialist. We became a company that sells batteries of all types at fair pricing and has the knowledge needed to solve customer’s problems.

Several years ago we started selling batteries and accessories for cellular and cordless phones, laptop computers, and camcorders. Categories such as computer backup, calculator, watch, and photo batteries were soon added and fifteen years ago we purchased the equipment and batteries needed to start building our own rechargeable battery packs and rebuilding customer battery packs for everything from cordless razors and cordless power tools to dog collar batteries for invisible fencing.

By being able to rebuild rechargeable battery packs through replacing the batteries inside the pack, we can save you money over buying a new battery and at the same time, increase the capacity substantially. Bob Budzowski heads our rebuilding operations and through the years has seen a huge variety of battery packs. We stock thousands of different types of battery cells to do this and have almost eliminated the word “obsolete” in the battery business. Laptop computer, two-way radio, and cordless power tools are categories that we find our customers are told the batteries are not available. One day later, we have them a new battery at an affordable cost.

A large part of our growth is due to the fact that we keep up with the ever-changing technology of batteries. The last ten years has seen the rechargeable appliance manufactures demand smaller, more powerful, and easier to use batteries in a wide variety of battery chemistries and types. Knowledge is gained through a wide variety of sources for us and we dispense it freely to all of our customers.

Moving forward into 2015 we now repair and service smart phones, tablets, and Laptop computers. As the industry grows we will grow with it. We not only will help you solve your battery needs but we will be here in the future when you need us.

We have been successful for very simple reasons. We look at each customer as having a problem that needs to be solved. Sometimes it is a battery that needs to be replaced and sometimes it is something else causing the battery to not perform such as charging methods or equipment. We check batteries on sophisticated analyzers for free to determine if that battery is needed. I estimate that 1 out of 10 times, it is not the battery but something else. We give complete refunds for all batteries if they do not solve the problem and for each category of batteries we stock our warranty is the best there is. Whatever your problem is, our job is to solve it. If we do that, we know you will be back, and will bring friends.

Richard Price