Medical Batteries

Medical Batteries - Critical and Back Up Power

Bulldog Battery has been proudly serving the critical power needs of our local hospitals for the past 30 years. We have both OEM and aftermarket batteries available for AEDs, medical carts, pumps, surgical equipment, and large UPS battery backup systems. We have dedicated staff members for on-site battery replacement and disposal as well as an internal custom battery pack manufacturing division.

How can we help?

The technological advances in the medical industry are happening at a fast pace and along with that innovation in life saving technology comes more complex battery systems. With the increase in power consumption comes new and innovative solutions to reserve power and primary battery technology.

Bulldog Battery is your one stop shop for your critical and reserve power needs. Whether it be large multi string battery backup systems or a single AED battery we have you covered!


Services We Offer


  • UPS System Maintenance & Battery Replacement
  • Deep Cycle Battery Replacement
  • Generator Battery Replacement
  • Battery Recycle
  • Battery Testing
  • Customer Battery Pack Assembly

Medical Battery Catalog

UPS Batteries

We offer on site battery installation and removal services for large scale hospital UPS systems. We have over 30 years experience in the battery business and have completed hundredes of UPS installations and removals with 100% satisfaction.

AED Batteries

We carry battery replacements for Zoll, Cardiac Science, Physio Control and more. Obsolete or discontinued AED batteries are also available depending on the model!

Portable X-Ray Batteries

We re-fresh, rebuild, or outright replace battery packs for portable x-ray machines. We offer a quick turnaround on RFQs and new build requests.

Medical Cart Batteries

Medical carts operate off of either lithum or lead-acid based battery chemistry both of which we carry. Our lithium battery options will have the required ethernet communication ports.

Medical Bed Batteries

We carry a large selection of the most popular sealed lead acid and lithium battery replacements for hospital beds.

Custom Battery Packs

The rebuilding and custom assembly division of Bulldog Battery can handle any custom battery pack needs. We currently build battery packs in NiCd, NiMH, Lithium, and Alkaline chemistries.