Commercial Equipment Batteries

When you need to service your UPS system at home it is not a big deal. You may need a battery or two in your system depending on size and your system may be down at most for a day or two. Commercial UPS backup systems are a very very different ballgame. These systems are usually much larger and definitely not portable. Even if the system is up and running, it is critical that it stays that way. Here at Bulldog we have you covered no matter how large the scale of your system. We understand that timing is everything. NO DOWN TIME!

We service all brands of UPS

  • Deka
  • Enersys
  • GNB
  • Yuasa
  • C & D Technologies

Our services include

  • Measuring of cell voltage levels (flooded only)
  • Testing of cell/ unit internal value (VRLA only)
  • Checking batteries for loose connections
  • Visual inspection to look for battery leakage, swelling and corrosion
  • Provide a detailed report with results of inspection
  • recommendations needed to ensure batteries operate at 100% capacity moving forward

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