Laptop & Tablet Batteries


Laptop batteries are only at their best for about 2 years. In some cases they last much longer and sometimes they hardly last at all. It depends on the device and its power needs. If you want to get the most out of your laptop battery the best thing to do is use your laptop as it was designed. In other words, if you are the type that always leaves your laptop plugged in then stop that practice now. It is good for a laptop battery to be allowed to cycle. Once a week unplug your laptop and run the battery down. You will find your battery will last much longer between replacements.

When you do need a battery we can help. We can provide you with a replacement battery or in some cases an extended version of your original battery.

Do you need a new charger for your laptop? We can help with that too. We carry universal laptop adaptors that fit most brands. If you need a specific charger we can order you one and get it here fast!

Is there something else wrong with your laptop? Bring it to us and we will check it out. If it needs more than a battery or charger have no fear.....We can help with that too! Click here to be taken to our Laptop Repair page to learn more


Tablets can be tricky. There are so many different types out there that it is hard to answer whether or not the battery can be replaced easily. Sometimes it is a 5 minute process but other times it can take an hour or more. The best thing to do with your tablet that needs a battery is call us and talk to one of our specialists or click here and visit our contact page. In either case, please be prepared to provide the brand and model number, as well as the serial number for your tablet.

If your tablet needs more than a battery, we can help with broken screens, ports, etc.

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