Commerical UPS Services

At Bulldog Battery we know that UPS power is mission critical. Down time, lost data and brown outs are unacceptable. Let Bulldog Battery maintain and/or replace your UPS batteries. From single string battery replacements to multi-level data centers, Bulldog Battery FSE personnel will handle all your power needs.

Bulldog Battery can PM or fully replace all your UPS batteries. From hot swappable VRLA batteries to 600 lb. telecom batteries and everything in between. 

  • Bulldog Battery PM’s use the Celltron Ultra to do a complete scan of every battery. With a full, detailed readout of every battery you will know exactly where you stand with your back-up power.
  • Our battery changeouts are the best in the business. Your choice of Deka, CSB, Enersys, C&D and others give you control of what battery manufacturer is in your cabinet. Our changeouts are turnkey. Along with batteries, we replace any cables, busbars, hardware and battery monitoring systems that are in disrepair. Final reclamation certificates for battery core recycling are given for your records.
  • Bulldog Battery is safety conscious too. Using the proper insulated tools, torque wrenches, PPE and arc flash rated safety clothing, we strive to commit to safety in everything we do.
  • Major units worked on include Eaton, Schneider Electric (APC), Liebert, Mitsubishi, CyberPower, Minuteman, and custom made cabinet/string setups.

We service all brands of UPS

  • APC | Schneider Electric
  • Eaton
  • Mitsubishi
  • Liebert

Our services include

  • Battery installation & removal
  • Battery bank design
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Firepanel service
  • Switchgear battery installation & removal
  • Emergency lighting / exhaust  

For more information click here to contact our master technician directly.