Smart Phone Repair

These days most of us use our smart phones for everything. We really do not realize how much we have grown to depend on them until that moment when they stop working. Broken screens, bad charging ports, bad digitizers, you name it. We have seen it all at Bulldog. The good news is that we can fix it and fix it fast. Bring us your broken smart phone and we can make it like new again for you. In many cases we can fix the phone while you wait. In some cases, on phones that are most involved, you may have to leave the phone with us briefly. Each phone is different and the pricing is also different for each phone and each issue. Our best advice is to stop in and talk to one of our phone specialists. They will take a look at your phone and let you know exactly what the cost and time frame will be. You can also give us a call or click here and visit our contact page. Make sure to include your model and serial numbers and what is wrong so we can give you accurate pricing.

Once Your Phone is Fixed

Now that your phone is back in working condition you may want to add some protection. We offer:

  • Ballistic glass covering
  • Glass cover with tilt security
  • Otter Box cases
  • Lifeproof cases