Stryker SMART Battery, Re-Celled, 6500-101-010

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3300 mAh
1 Year

Our re-celled Stryker SMART batteries pack some serious benefits over the original equipment batteries including significant extended run time, and a longer cycle life all backed by a one year full replacement warrantry. 

Higher Run Time

We use a higher capacity cell in a Nickle Metal Hydride chemistry to give our re-celled Stryker battery a longer run time and reduced memory effect. The original Stryker SMART battery pack comes from the factory with a 2300 mah NiCad cell, all of our re-celled Stryker SMART packs are built using 3300 mAh NiMH cells which have a higher energy density for longer run times.



Due to popular demand for this product we are requiring customers to send in their old Stryker packs to be rebuilt on demand. The turn around time for the entire process is 5 to 10 days including shipping lead times. We are offering free shipping both ways on this service and only require payment once the pack has been rebuilt. Please call us toll free at 800-721-1119 or email us for more information and to start the process.


Core & Warranty

A pre-paid return label will be shipped out with your order to mkae returning your spent Stryker battery as easy as possible. As an incentive to do so we issue a refund of $25 on a one for one exchange per battery ordered. 

We have a one year full replacement warranty on the re-celled Stryker SMART Battery. See our full shipping and returns policy here.

What Does Re-Celled Mean?

Re-cell is the term we use for re-building a depleted Stryker battery pack using all of the original components. We remove the depleted batteries within the pack for recycling and replace them with a brand new higher capacity cell spot welded to original specificaitons.